Thursday, September 4, 2008

A not-so-happy birthday to the Savannahs sold as Ashera cats

Chris Shirk posted that his Savannah kittens turned one year old yesterday (September 3rd). These kittens are are stuck in a legal custody dispute over in the Netherlands after being illegally imported into the country as Ashera cats (not disclosing their actual heritage).

It's horribly sad that these cats have been the ones to really suffer here. No lovely pet home for these guys, being held in a facility while the authorities decide what to do.

I hope there is a resolution soon, and that these cats can be placed in good homes at some stage not too far into the future!


Chris Shirk said...

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F2 Savannah Owner said...

I am the proud owner of a F2 Savannah Female who is now retired from breeding at the age of 2. She is a very beautiful silver spotted cat, and she is registered with TICA. I logged onto the internet today, and poof there was a video of an Ashera cat. I had spent a full week doing nothing but research over Christmas before we got our Savannah, and I found this about the Ashera back then. I do not know how they got MSN to put them on the front page but they did. I did not know who to contact, but I wanted to let someone know this is going on. So beware, the Over Priced Savannahs are back, and they are now going up to $125,000.00 to exsiting clients only. I guess if you are not smart enough to research something before you buy it, you should get scammed. Watch out everone, and someone post some videos with Savannahs on MSN video. Thank you all. The breeders of Savannahs are a great breed in of themselves. Thanks to all of the breeders that answered my questions before I got my loving cat.

llewtrah said...

Almost a year on ... what is the news? I also heard there was a class action planned against the company over its non-allergenic lines.

Unknown said...
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ema123 said...

It is horribly sad that these cats eff been the ones to real undergo here. No lovely pet home for these guys, beingness held in a installation time the regime settle what to do.
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Anonymous said...

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essay best said...

This Savannah cat is looking innocent. Its sad to hear that the cat has been stuck in legal custody due to some reason. The owner of this cat must be sad and waiting to bring her back to home.

reena said...

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