Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Savannah breeder's perspective on the Ashera cat

This is quoted from an email by a Savannah breeder:

"Keep in mind -- the Savannah is on its way to having wonderful consistency -- we are already breeding Savannah to Savannah. In a few short years, that will be the norm -- so there will be NO outside cats in a four or five generation pedigree.
This breed has structure, a well-defined (we're getting there :o) standard, carefully thought out breeding programs, a LOT of breeder dialogue through the Savannah Cat Club and the Savannah Breed Section List, a study, testing, and discussion on health and genetics, and a large registering body (TICA) that has documented the pedigrees of our new breed for over five years now.
The difference between a Savannah and the Ashera? I would say the Savannah can be likened to a well-bred, pedigreed horse or show dog -- whose lineage is carefully tracked and whose breeding painstakingly thought out.
The Asheera is more like a Goldendoodle or a Shitzypoo. Not registered, not shown, no standard -- but the whim of a couple of folks who thought wouldn't it be fun? And folks will pay top dollar for these mongrels? Curious, isn't it?"