Monday, June 30, 2008

DNA evidence proves that the Ashera is a Savannah cat

Finally, the news we were waiting for. We knew the result, we just wanted it officially confirmed. The three Ashera kittens confiscated at Schiphol Airport months ago are F1 Savannahs bred by Chris Shirk of Cutting Edge Savannahs. His post today to the Savannah cat community:

I have received official word today that it has been confirmed all three Savannah kittens confiscated in the Netherlands are from my cattery!!!
The court is still proceeding and the decision has not yet been made as to where the kittens will go. I have requested their return but it's up to the judge. However, their forensic labs have all confirmed they are from parent cats owned by me, Christopher Shirk of Cutting Edge Cats. They are Savannahs produced by my cats, not Ashera cats from Simon Brodie's scamming Life Style Pets business.
I guess Simon Brodie, if you're reading this, you'll do what you do best....disappear. ...But you will face the consequences of what you did to my kittens. CHRIS