Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally some news to report!

From the breeder of the Savannah currently labeled "Ashera cat" in the Netherlands:

US Fish and Wildlife met with me at my veterinarian's to extract blood from my Serval and egyptian mau. The blood samples went directly from my vet's hands into the hands of US Fish and Wildlife who packaged and sent express to Netherlands government. I was notified yesterday by Netherlands officials that the blood samples have arrived safely and their Forensic labs are busy at work. Patience is a virtue, as they said it may take up to two months for them to extract all the information they need from the DNA to resolve all the issues of this case.
I also received more photos of my kittens they have and they look well taken care of, clean and happy and in good weight.
I will keep you up to speed on this case as facts come in.
Cutting Edge Cats.

Let's hope that soon there is a definitive answer to this whole mess.


Frans said...

Any results in from the test?

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