Tuesday, February 5, 2008

US newspaper picks up the story

Penni Crabtree is a reporter that has followed Simon Brodie's business practices for some time, talking to Savannah breeders back in 2006 about the possibility that Ashera cats were in fact Savannahs being resold as a hyped new product. This story in today's paper is a wonderful recap of the situation so I thought it well-worth posting the link here.


Ifness bengalen cattery said...



You might want to run these links through an online translator.

Ethan Harp said...

Hello, I'm a reporter with KNTV, the NBC television station in San Francisco.

We're doing a story on Ashera cats. Can Bridgette or anyone else who reads this please email me at Ethan.Harp@nbcuni.com as soon as possible?


Lewis Clark said...

Nice story and the link. i feel one thing that now the current generation does not pay any attention to the newspapers and this is the reason why it i has lost its importance.