Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DNA Parentage Testing

It seems to me that the simplest and most foolproof way to determine if this cat is an Ashera cat as claimed, or an F1 Savannah as the breeder of the kitten is claiming, is to do a simple scientific test. I don't know if there is a laboratory in Europe that offers this, but here in the United States, the University of California Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, , is available to send swabs to. A simple cheek swab of the kitten in question, and swabs of the Serval and Egyptian Mau parents, and a little time should prove it pretty nicely?

Of course, one would want the Dutch Authorities to be doing the swabbing of the kitten, not some representative of Lifestyle Pets...


Ifness bengalen cattery said...

I have suggested this as well to the buyers through the website of but they remove any content from the guestbook which they find slighty controversial apparently. They hired the most hot shot lawer to be found here in the Netherlands to get their kitten home. I am just hoping they have the sanity to do a dna test as well.

Now they are hinting to possible beheaviour problems in the future because the kitten is kept in confinement all this time. As I understand it is said the kitten was only 9 weeks when sent on his way. This can cause problems alone. Secondly, I don't know about Savannah F2's but with bengal F1, F2 and F3 kittens you need to social them extra by taking them away from the mother more frequently than the SBT kittens.

Anyway, now they can blame everybody for possible future problems. What a shameful story this is.

Brigitte said...

I've noticed that the guestbook of that website gets cleared out anytime anyone says anything they don't seem to like.

I believe that the Dutch Authorities have the good sense to be requesting DNA parentage testing even if the buyers are still in denial.

From what we have been told the kittens are getting very good care and playtime. The breeder gets a report every day and he is satisfied with their level of care. I think he reports the kittens to be about a month older than Lifestyle Pets put on the papers.

Savannahs don't seem to require any different socialization than most kittens. Most F1s are kept with the mother cat and grow up just fine. I've raised F2 and onwards without any such issues. They stay with the mother until normal kitten weaning age (when they are properly eating solid food).

It's sad to think that these buyers are now going to assume problems where there are none. Blaming everyone but the obvious people that scammed them in the first place.

essay best said...

The discovery of DNA has really revolutionized things. I can't wait for science to discovery and invent new things. Thanks for posting though, should be informative to many.

Anonymous said...

DNA testing has really made it easy to recognise the breed of animals. But still its nt available in all countries. I hope this kitten gets recognised soon.