Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Actual Breeder of the Ashera Cat Confiscated in the Netherlands Finds Out!

This post is forwarded with permission from the SavannahKittens YahooGroup email forum:
I was recently made aware of the supposed Ashera cat siezed at Schiphol Airport. This kitten is a domestic savannah cat bred by me here at CUTTING EDGE CATS. I sold this cat to A1 Savannahs and he was to be resold to a private client in the USA. He was not sold by me to Life Style pets (and as told by A1 Savannahs) was not sold to Life Style Pets as an Ashera cat. I'm very distraught over this whole thing. Anyone with more info please contact me at or my cell # 717-669-1765. Chris

Chris Shirk is the breeder of the F1 Savannah kitten in the picture of the newspaper article about the Ashera cat confiscated at Schiphol airport. He took the very picture used in the story and positively identifies the cat from further pictures on the website of the buyers as his kitten. He is doing all he can to retrieve that kitten as it was NOT sold as an Ashera cat.


Unknown said...

I forgot to mention that I also added a picture of the Savannah Cat to my account so i could add it to the Favorite Cat Photo at the bottom of my lens.
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Linda said...

Wow, look at that. The savannah cat looks like a tiger. Isn't it huge? Thanks for an interesting article share! Nice blog